Design on Demand
A Marketing Expert at your fingertips!

What is Design on Demand?

Design on demand gives you access to a professional graphic designer without having to hire a full-time employee.  Subscribers receive up to 20 hours of design work and consulting per month.  Hours can be used for but not exclusive to development of social media graphics and scheduling, website maintenance and updates, design of business materials and advertising, and event marketing.

How does design on demand work?

The subscriber initiates a new project with a request for work.  The designer communicates with the client to determine the goals and must-have elements of the project.  Projects usually begin with a quick question and answer to determine the direction and scope of the project. The project is then designed and the client is a part of the process to give feedback along the way until completion. Typical turn around for projects is 1-5 days based on complexity.

Subscribers are allotted a maximum of 20 work hours per month.  Hours do not roll over.  If a project exceeds the work hours per month, the project can be placed on hold until the following month, or the subscriber can pay for additional work hours at an agreed upon rate.

Payment Schedule?

Design on demand is about relationships!  The longer we work together, the better understanding the designer will have about the needs and culture of your business or organization.  Design on Demand is offered as a three, six, or twelve month commitment.  Client chooses if they would like to be billed month-to-month or as one payment.  Service begins with a signed agreement and first payment.

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